Fish Curry recipe in Bengali Style

It is a widely known fact that eating fish is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids. Essential nutrients present in fish keep our heart and brain healthy. On an economic front, the Indian fisheries and aquaculture is an important sector of food production. It is known to provide nutritional security to the food basket while simultaneously contributing to agricultural exports. Fish has been an important part of Bengali tradition and household and has a lot of significance for Bengalis. The famous authentic Bengali Style Fish Curry is a popular dish throughout the nation. Rohu Fish is one such popular fish used in making of fish curry in Bengali Style

Rohu fish, a freshwater bony fish is popular due to its taste and market demand. In South India, This fish is mainly served as fried fish at any kind of party. Rohu is very commonly eaten in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Indian states of Tripura, Nagaland, Bihar, Odisha, Assam, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, and Uttar Pradesh. Given below is the authentic way to prepare fish curry in Bengali style that can be served with rice or any other Indian bread.


For the FishFor the Gravy
Raw Rohu Fish
Wheat Flour
Mustard or any other preferred cooking oi
Mustard or any other preferred cooking oil
Onion paste
Ginger-Garlic paste
Cumin and black pepper Paste
Tomatoes Puree
Mustard paste
Garam Masala
Red Chilli Powder
Hot water
Finely Chopped Fresh Coriander

How to Make Fish Curry

  • In order to get rid of the raw fish’s smell, wash the fish properly using wheat flour.
  • Using a blender separately grind out the ingredients to form onion paste, garlic-ginger-chilli paste, tomato pure respectively. Form a separate paste by blending cumin and black pepper in a jar. Prepare a separate mustard paste to be used later in the recipe.
  • Marinate the raw fish using turmeric powder, salt and let it sit for a good 40-45 minutes. This will help the fish to absorb the flavour from the spices thus enhancing its taste.
  • In a pan, heat some oil and wait for it to reach a temperature where it gets smokey hot. Once done, Deep Fry the Marinated Fish.
  • Separate the fried fish from the oil.
  • Add Mustard Seeds to the remaining oil in the pan along with some green chillies.
  • Add Onion Paste prepared earlier to the oil. Stir well until the colour turns golden brown.
  • Add the garlic-ginger-chilli paste and give it a nice cook for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Once done, add the mustard paste to it. Add water if necessary and mix it well.
  • Cook for a while and then add tomato puree to it and stir it well, allowing it to blend completely with other ingredients.
  • Add cumin and black pepper paste to your mixture in the pan and cook it well
  • Sprinkle about 2 tsp of Garam Masala over the prepared mixture and add salt to taste along with red chilli powder. Mix it well.
  • Add some water and stir well. Let it boil on medium heat.
  • Once the mixture boils well, add fried fish to the mixture and let it sit and boil for a while.
  • When cooked, add freshly chopped coriander and let it boil for another while.
  • Turn off the flame. Serve Hot and Enjoy the delicacy

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